1. How to use air heater correctly on winter?

    In the cold winter, driving without heating must be a torture, how to effectively improve the car temperature? We've collected some tips on how to use air heater, hope these tip can do some use for you.

    1. Check whether the vehicle has started the air heater circulating pump (a button like a faucet in the position of the operating platform), and you can also listen to the buzzing sound of the circulating pump after starting the warm air circulating pump, so as to ensure the normal operation of the circulating pump. After the warm air circulation pump is opened, it can promote the large circulation of water body, circulate the refrigerated liquid with higher temperature to the whole vehicle body, and improve the utilization efficiency of water temperature to the greatest extent.
    2. Check whether the heater water pipe switch is on. A air heater water pipe switch
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  2. Give the children that hey can cast a dedicated space for them

    These are really a wonderful thing. In the past, we did not enjoy such treatment when we were young. Nowadays, children especially like the game of hiding cats. Prepare a small tent like this in a corner of the house. Every time you play, it is inside. I believe there will be another interesting taste.

    The neighbor's house prepared a picture for his family. When I went to his house a few days ago, my family was not willing to come out. In an instant, I feel that it is especially necessary to prepare a small tent for the child in the house.

    Put the children's toys all over there. Accompanied him to another space. Many times playing with them, you may feel that you are in a mysterious space. Children will be even more exotic. Have the courage to explore this world.

    And such small tents are basically equipped with lights. Every night, we sit with our children. As if I saw the stars in the sky blinking.

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  3. About A Good Air Heater

    Choose the right size of the air heater

    We need to take the size of the air heater seriously before we place an order. You need to consider you want to install the air heater in house or in truck, van or motorcars. It really matters when comes to different installation site.

    We take a household air heater as an example. wider space,  larger air heater, so the room temperature can be warmed up soon. If space is limited, you can choose a smaller size heater so that it doesn't appear too crowded.

    please keep in mind that choose the size of air heater base on your room size.

    Basic functions an air heater should have

    First, as the name suggests, an air heater can be used to warm up the indoor space. 

    Second, low fuel consumption. The longer you use it, the more you save compares

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  4. How to Choose Surfboard Accessories

    How to Choose Surfboard Accessories

    Every surfer surfs on the sea should prepare some surfboard accessories to take care theirselves. This article introduces several surfboard accessories' basic functions. We hope you can shop wisely.

    What’s the use of a pin? It makes surfboard can turn! Also flexible rudder is suitable for beginners to intermediate program, soft rudder is suitable for beginners or practice board use. So we recommend a beginner a flexible and soft rudder.
    Some surfboard must be used with the fins.There are single, three or five pieces of fin. Generally, Longboard matches with single fin, while other boards match with three pieces of fin.
    Nowadays, most plate rudders adopt patented Fin Control System (Fin Control System) FCS, which is convenient for replacement and travelling. However, the early fixed rudder is also favored by surfing masters, and its strength in big waves is better than that of FCS.
    It is the only thing keeps you safe when you are surfing. When you wipe out, you can use it to retrieve your surfboard. Then your board will not be washed back to the shore or hit other people.
    In general, according to the collocation of surf board length of rope can choose the same or close to the length of the foot, foot the diameter of the rope to withstand external forces may also be affected, shock waves should be natural collocation thick feet rope, small waves can choose thin foot line, otherwise there will be a great burden, for example: use 8 feet long board can match 8 feet long leash, also usually has double bearing (double swivels) is better than single bearing, are less likely to tie up to.
    Most board damage occurs during handling, and the board bag saves you from having to repair the damage you accidentally hit. General board bag is divided into two types, single or double pieces of daily bag and as many as 6 pieces of travel bag. Travel protection is thick to prevent airport porters from trampling on our precious boards.

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  5. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet---space-saving, convenient and Neccessary

    Is it neccessary to put a mirror cabinet in the bathroom?
    It is convenient to have a mirror in the bathroom. You can take a look after you have tooth brush, hair washing or makeup. However, if you are provided with more choices, a bathroom mirror cabinet which includes the functions of a mirror and cabinet. What would you choose? We recommend you choose a bathroom mirror cabinet if you meets one or more of the following conditions.
    1. You have a small bathroom. 
    2. You place a lot of products in the bathroom which makes the bathroom look so crowded, messy and dirty.
    3. You pursue a clean, comfortable and orderly bathroom. 
    Taking a shower after an exhausted working day is a wonderful relaxing way. We hope when you step in your bathroom a clean and nice scene comes into your eyes not a messy and dirty sight which might make you even a bad mood.
    Our bathroom mirror cabinet has several features which can solve your problems and meet your demands. 
    . Both storage and mirror features. You can place your toothbrush, sanitizer, body wash, facial cleanser and other bathroom ware on it. For girls, you can place your skin care product and cosmetics on it. For bors, place anything you would like to put.
    ·  Made of stainless steel and waterproof materials, has great stability and durability, easy assembly.

    ·  Mirror finish make it available in different finishes to blend in with any bathroom.

    ·  With wall mounted space saving design,enables them to have a multifunctional use.

    ·  Featuring energy-saving led lighting, which will perfectly brighten up your bathroom.

    ·  2 internal shelves, provide a large storage space allowing you to hide away all of your beauty products.

    ·  The light can be turned on and off using the integrated touch button. And the color of the LED light source is 6000K for white light and 3000K for warm light. You can adjust the light you want. Or the light can be adjusted by itself according to the indoor environment and lighting requirements. In addition, there is no need to install additional mirror headlights to make the bathroom more refreshing.
    Finally, neccessary or not, it is base on your needs. We will keep sharing some products that will bring great convenience for you.

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  6. Hello world!

    Welcome to Magento 2 Blog extension by Magefan. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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